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Khalsa Academy, Sri Ganganagar was founded by eminent citizens of the area on 17th february 2002. An English medium, co-educational school from nursery to XIIth all streams impart education, to make a child good citizen of India and develop an all round presonality, to face the competitive world.

Green Earth Eco-Club

Khalsa Academy, Sri Ganganagar have one earth and we must save it. There is much talk about the need to conserve the environment and the club encourage students to care for love echo-friendly activities. Each Student Must Plantation On His/Her Birthday and take care of it to save the Environment.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

  1. Parents and Guardians will be allowed to visit the school and meet their children (Wards) in the end of the last Sunday of each month.
  2. Parents/ Guardians meet only one time in the month with their child.
  3. If they visit the school on any other day without prior appointment it will entirely at their own risk. They may not be allowed to meet their ward. Additional visit on account of special circumstances could only be allowed by the principal/warden/chief executive and chairperson offer on application and a special permission befarehand.
  4. Parents and Guardians will not be allowed to meet their wards during school hours under any circumstances whatsoever. They can do only between 3 to 5 pm.
  5. The School will take all possible care for medical fitness and health of the students. However the school does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise for accidents or mishaps. The school will remain indemnified against any claim on this ground.
  6. All property must be handled with due care any damage of furniture, fittings, equipment etc. will be recovered from the security deposit. Security should be deposit by each students of Rs. 1000/- for damage of any school property.
  7. The school Reserves the right to expect the student on grounds of misconduct and disregards of school rules.
  8. For any late coming of student after a long break or vacation or short leaves sanctioned for a function/festival/marriage/medical or any other reason, student will be fined at the rate of Rs. 50/- per day.
  9. Phone facility allows only on sunday 2 to 6 pm for the parents with their child.
  10. Student will not be allowed to leave the hostel or their room to the adjoining room without the permission of warden. Parents or Guardians shall not be allowed to meet in morning 8 am and after 5pm.
  11. Annual school fee is to be paid in two installments by April and Sep. respectively each per year.
  12. When the school reopen after a long break or a vacation all students should be back from home well on time to be present before the opening of the school. Parents who have placed a ward in a boarding school should understand that since the school provides two long break/vacation in a year, there should be no reason for the student visiting home at any other time except under very rare circumstances.
  13. Any leave for medical reasons will be granted at the recommendation of the school doctor only, For all suchpurposes there should be a formal request on writing by the parents only, also specifying the leave arrangements for the same.
  14. Under no circumstance will leave be granted during the period of the examination or test
  15. For rejoining after medical leave the student must produce a fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
  16. A penalty of Rs. 100/- per day for delay beyond specified dates will be leaved for. For nonpayment of school dues beyonds 10 days the none of the students is liable to be struck of the school rules and sent back home.
  17. Loundary fees monthly deposite in advance Rs ...........
  18. Re-admission: When the name of the student is struck off the rules for any reason what so ever, the parents will have to seek re-admission if they are interested in. If the School permits re-admission, the admission procedure will have to be completed again including the payment of admission fees until this is completed, the student will not be allowed to attend the school.
  19. Dont't speak Mother tounge In School and anywhere.
  20. Use Of Mobile , radio and walkman or any other gadgets are strictly prohibited all such item will be find immediately .