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Khalsa Academy, Sri Ganganagar was founded by eminent citizens of the area on 17th february 2002. An English medium, co-educational school from nursery to XIIth all streams impart education, to make a child good citizen of India and develop an all round presonality, to face the competitive world.

Green Earth Eco-Club

Khalsa Academy, Sri Ganganagar have one earth and we must save it. There is much talk about the need to conserve the environment and the club encourage students to care for love echo-friendly activities. Each Student Must Plantation On His/Her Birthday and take care of it to save the Environment.

School Terms

Rules- Regulation And Code Of Conduct For Students

  • Students must be always be neat or tidy, well groomed and in prepare uniform for the occasion; with polished and clean shoes, proper hair cut tidy nails etc.
  • They must carry the school diary in the school. any comments from teachers meant for the housemaster or vice versa must be shown to them and got signed.
  • They should be smart in the way they sit, stand, walk, and talk, be polite with everyone and especially respectful with elders, ladies and visiters.
  • They should be punctual and present on time at all places where they are supported to be-regular classes, PT, games, mess, sports, prep. etc. and which ever activities they have to be present for or put down for.
  • They Must respect the school and everyone and everything in avoiding any wastage, misuse damage or multilation, be clean themselves as well as keep everything and every place around them clean.
  • They must not raise their voice, shout or use foul language or include in any quarries fights and violence.
  • Out of Bounds: The following areas are out of bounds for the students unless they have proper permission for it from appropriate autority.
    • Outside the school.
    • Outside the house after 9:00pm.
    • Dining hall, except meal timings.
    • Staff residential area.

NOTE: Correspondence Language will be Hindi or English only.