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Khalsa Academy, Sri Ganganagar was founded by eminent citizens of the area on 17th february 2002. An English medium, co-educational school from nursery to XIIth all streams impart education, to make a child good citizen of India and develop an all round presonality, to face the competitive world.

Green Earth Eco-Club

Khalsa Academy, Sri Ganganagar have one earth and we must save it. There is much talk about the need to conserve the environment and the club encourage students to care for love echo-friendly activities. Each Student Must Plantation On His/Her Birthday and take care of it to save the Environment.

School Conditions

A Leave for unavoidable circumstances will be sanctioned only on an application addressed to the principal, duly signed by the parents/guardians on the same day or next day.

In case of illness, a medical certificate must be attached with the application. A long absence except in case of illness, should be discouraged.

No half day leave will be sanctioned.

No child will be permitted to leave the school campus without the permission of the principal.

The name of the student will be struck off by the rules of the school, if he / she is absent for than 5 days without the sanction of leave.

Procedure For Payment Of Fee

School Fee must be paid in two insallments. 1st installment paid on 10th April and II paid on 10th Oct. Defaulters will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- upto the 20th of each month and a fine of Rs.100/- uoto the 30th of each month.

There after, the name of the defaulter shall be struck off by the rolls. Such ex-student may be re-admitted at the sole discreation of the Principal/Director on payment of re-admission fee of Rs.1000/-


A clear one month's notice or school dues is there to be given when a student is to be withdrawn. In case of withdrawl, transfer certificate will be released on clearance of shhool dues.

NOTE: Correspondence Language will be Hindi or English only.